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Parent feedback

"Your girls have been amazing this week. Phoebe is unbelievable! I wish I could have her around all the time!"

—  Mother, W8

We always have wonderful experiences with everyone that BOKAC has sent to us. Anna takes a personal interest in seeing that every job is filled, even with very little notice! All of the babysitters we have met are extremely responsible and enthusiastic, and we have felt very comfortable having them care for our children.

—  Mother, SW6

"Phoebe was great! We’re very very pleased with the job she’s done. Very confident and kind."

—  Tanya, SW3, one child, aged 8 months

"I have known Rosie for over a year now and use her regularly. She is very confident with children and seems to just have that instinct when it comes to looking after them. Prompt, confident and so very lovely. She is my ideal babysitter!!"

—  Talita, Chelsea, 3-year-old

"Daisy was wonderful with our boys, full of fun but also took her bedtime duties seriously. She has babysat for our 2 rambunctious boys aged 6 & 4 and been fantastic. Cannot recommend her more highly."

—  Caroline, W8, 2 children, aged 4 and 6

"Bouchra has babysat for us twice, which now I say that I find it remarkable, as we feel we know her, and she us, so well. She is a firm favourite with everyone. She is calm and positive and children are drawn to her. She is eager to know all about her charges before we leave, and takes exceptional care of them, particularly my youngest grandson who sometimes needs comfort in the night. When Bouchra is taking over the care of the children we can really go out without another thought, knowing they will be safe and happy. We only have the need when all of our children and their children come to visit us, but I very much look forward to the next time we shall all see Bouchra and leave the childcare in her very capable hands."

—  Grandparent, SW10

"I want to thank you for everything you did to organise the babysitters I needed for our imminent move! Both Lucy and Maddie were amazing & so helpful. My kids loved them both. This was a huge help for me during this time!"

—  Parent, SW6

"Lucy was lovely, warm and friendly, and chatted easily with my children before I put them to bed. I felt very confident going out that Lucy would be able to handle any issues If either child woke up. I will definitely use her again."

—  Mother - W10

"Kate is absolutely brilliant. I feel completely at ease with her and know she will do the right thing, no matter what. She always makes sure my little one is covered enough when out, has enough food without insisting too much, has fun and makes him laugh so much. I know she cares about him very much and is always so interested about his development. She is absolutely my favourite!"

—  Mother, W12

"Sophie was lovely! Hope to get her again."

—  Mother, W8

"Natalie is a wonderful babysitter. She is prompt, organised, prepared and intelligent, and gets our son engaged in activities from the moment she arrives. She is cheerful, thoughtful and flexible, and she keeps me informed about how things are going while I'm gone. I never have a worry and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her!"

—  Mother, W2

"Desa has looked after our 2.5 year old a number of times. Her kindness and patience has made her very popular with our daughter . I would warmly recommend Desa."

—  Atalanta, W11, one child, aged 2

"I just wanted to say that Emma was a sheer pleasure and my son adored her. She asked about him, really listened and he had super fun with her. She was really pleasant and we will definitely book her again."

—  Parent - SW12

"Lucy was my first babysitting experience. I was so nervous about leaving my baby boy alone that I took her along to my meeting. Lucy was happy to 'go with the flow', as was my 11 month baby. My little one, who hates strangers, played very happily. I have since booked Lucy for evening babysitting (R woke up and wouldn't go back to sleep so Lucy took the correct decision to get him out of bed and play with him until our return); and a whole day (we were happy enough to trust Lucy to take R to various play activities in our local area). "

—  Parent - SW1V

"Just wanted to say how terrific Rachel was last night. She arrived with a smile and still had it when we got home! Our daughter loved her and wants us to go out on dates so she can have her come back!"

—  Mother, SW7

"It couldn't have gone smoother. Megan arrived in very good time (a bit early even) and was a delight. She offered to feed my daughter while I got ready. She played nicely with her after food and got her off to sleep apparently without fuss. Megan came across as extremely competent. We were very happy with your service and had a great night out to top if off. Thanks again and please pass on our pleasure to Megan."

—  Parent - SW6

"Just want to say my compliments on the fantastic service provided by BOKAC. I think that Cecilia and Rosie are fantastic (so far they are the two girls I've used.. I'm sure I shall over time meet and use more) They really know how to occupy the little one for those few hours. Very impressed, if you need reference for either please let me know!!"

—  Parent - SW3

"We thought Julie was great: she had a lovely manner, very calm and responsible. Our daughter warmed to her from the start and my husband and I felt that our baby (and we!) were in safe hands."

—  Parent - SW10

"Sarah was absolutely amazing! She was really cheerful and caring. My daughter told me excitedly that they did a lots of fun games and pretend play in the garden for nearly 4 hours! I was so confident leaving them not only because she is sensible as a primary school teacher but also my daughter absolutely loved her!! I highly recommend her."

—  Mother - SW7

Kate has babysat for my one-year old many times now, starting when she was eleven months old, and she's been a huge hit with my daughter. She's our preferred babysitter because she is a lovely person, our daughter smiles when she sees her, and she comes across as being very responsible. Even other mums who've spotted my daughter with Kate have commented on the fact that Kate seems like such a great person and a natural with children.

—  Parent SW111

Amy was absolutely brilliant and we were just thrilled to have her here. Thank you so much! What a fantastic service.

—  Parent SW7

"Ellie was absolutely super; we were so happy with her and will happily book her again if and when the need arises. Thank you so much again and please give my absolute best to Ellie and let her know we hope to see her again."

—  Mother - SW1W

"A huge thank you for such a seamless service! Grace was fabulous and Hattie was more than happy whilst in her care. I'll definitely be singing your praises from the rooftops and rebooking!"

—  Parent - London

"Bo kindly looked after our 4 month old son. Superb! We were put at ease straight away. Bo is so friendly, kind and confident with babies - William loved her! We can't wait to make our next booking."

—  Parent, SW1P

"We found all the babysitters to be outstanding, and the service very easy, reliable, and trustworthy. We are most grateful."

—  Parent - SW1W

"My sick 15 month boy took one look at Mirka and burst into tears when she arrived (cold plus teething). He was beside himself. She was faced with an unenviable task, particularly, as she was booked for a whole day. However, Mirka was brilliant. She coped with a very unhappy, tired, sick boy and by the end of the day, he was giving her hugs. She was extremely professional, experienced, helpful and gave me frequent honest updates. I was very grateful for her help."

—  Parent - SW1V

"Cecilia was friendly and easy going and talked happily with my 2 year old while I put him to bed. My 10 month old woke while we were out and she was able to settle him back to sleep – I will definitely use her again."

—  Mother - W10

"Liz came to look after our 14 month old baby boy and he took to her instantly! Upon seeing her again the next day, he even lifted up his arms for her to pick him up - which he had never done to anyone else before! She was really friendly, caring, genuine and we were impressed with her natural skills in handling a baby as well as with her proactiveness throughout the day. She turned bath time into a real fun game and kept our little one very well entertained for the entire duration of her slot, which given his hyperactivity, is a real achievement! I would strongly recommend Liz to anyone and we hope to see her more often."

—  Mother - SW10

"Darren was a natural with my 4 month old daughter. He made her laugh, took her for a walk & helped me entertain her around the house. I can highly recommend him. He is both confident and caring - and flexible to make things work around your schedule."

—  Parent, NW1

"My somewhat clingy 12month old son took to Rosie immediately. She has a very nice air about her that he responded well to (as did I) and you could see he was happy to see her when she came a second time. As I popped in and out of the house, I could hear him laughing and babbling away. She is punctual and a real pleasure to talk to. You can see she has experience with smaller children as she is very confident with him. Very pleased to have found her!!"

—  Parent - SW3

"Claire is a lovely, professional and patient caregiver. She was amazing with our boys - age 3.5 and 1.5. They took to her immediately and our older son said, "you can tell she really likes kids." We just moved to London and were still without our things the first time Claire babysat. She took it upon herself to go to the library to get books for the boys and brought them as a surprise the second time she came. We all appreciated that SO much!! She is very knowledgeable about children's activities in the city and took our son on two separate outings to do fun, interactive things. I have high trust in her ability and also learned from her. She is so calm with the children. I feel so lucky to have met her!"

—  Catherine, SW7, 2 children aged 18 months and 3-years-old

First of all, thank you for supplying such a wonderful service and a great babysitter. Rosalind was really sweet and the kids loved her, and although my son is easily pleased, my daughter is a tougher judge so for them both to have nothing but praise was great for us to hear!

—  Parent SW6

"Cecilia is a great babysitter. She is very confident with small children and that showed when she first met my 12 month old who suffers from separation anxiety. She took over with ease and I was free to go. I came home to a happy baby who was happy to see Cecilia when she came back."

—  Parent - SW3

I am so glad we heard about BOKAC! We have had a wonderful experience. Georgia is absolutely lovely! She knew I was a little nervous and texted me pictures of my baby throughout the evening. I felt so comfortable with her... Am actually now looking forward to our next dinner out.

—  Parent W8

"Emma recently babysit for my two young children and she was so caring and kind. She confirmed the date and time she was coming earlier that day and we had no doubt that our boys were in very capable hands."

—  Mother - SW6

"Georgia has been wonderful with my 6 year old daughter. She was very reliable, lots of fun, had great ideas on things the two of them could do together and my daughter really looked forward to seeing her. Thank you Georgia for making it all so easy!"

—  Mother (visiting London from Australia)

"Sara has been a lovely babysitter every time we've had her. She is so sweet and kind with our two year old, and she has been very flexible when we've had to change times or came home late. We feel very comfortable with her, and so does our little boy. "

—  Parent - W2

"Giannina has been great, helping out before bedtime and a safe pair of hands while we are out. She’s very nice and we are very happy all in all."

—  Parent - SW1W

"Olivia is lovely, I felt very happy to leave her with my daughter and she kept in contact with me while we were out which was also reassuring!"

—  Mother - SW3

"Kate was amazing and we felt so relaxed leaving him! Actually have recommended your company to quite a few new mothers too so hopefully they will be in touch soon! Actually just about to make another few bookings for next few weeks. Thank you so much again!"

—  Mother, SW8

"Katrina was lovely and lightened the weight of my day a big deal. Punctual, professional, positive attitude, calm, friendly, smiley - my baby daughter enjoyed being with her. I highly recommend her. And thanks to you I am very pleased for your service, and will come back in the future when I need help"

—  Parent - W14

We were a bit nervous about leaving our 6 month old daughter with a babysitter for the first time, but Sarah totally reassured us - allowing us to have a really enjoyable evening. She was a pleasure to deal with and we would happily use her again.

—  Parent, SE5

"I can not speak higher about Lucy this evening. I have been really hesitant about babysitting services as I think all mothers can be. With mother’s instincts, I knew that my son was in safe hands with Lucy. She was so positive and at ease, I felt really relaxed leaving my son with her."

—  Parent - SW3

"Just a quick note to say how thrilled we are with your babysitting service. Sophie was a total delight and the children loved her."

—  Mother - SW8

"Just wanted to say I was really impressed with the service of BOKAC. Emily Rogers was punctual, super sweet, and we felt immediately comfortable leaving our kids with her. We look forward to using your service again. Many thanks!"

—  Mother - W2

"Matilda was absolutely wonderful! My kids said they would love to have her back. Firm and followed directions but also very kid friendly and engaging."

—  Parent - NW8

"We were visiting from California and Kylie accompanied us to the museums to watch our toddler. She was fantastic. I wish we would have engaged your/her services sooner. Our daughter got play in the nearby park while we looked at art. It was clear that Kylie knew how to entertain a toddler. I would definitely recommend her."

—  Mother, visiting from US

"This was our first time having a babysitter and Sara was polite and friendly."

—  Parent with two children ages 6 and 4 - SW5

"Georgie was great. Within minutes my children were sitting on the floor building legos with her. They could not wait to show us their creations the next morning! Happy Children = Happy Parents."

—  Parent - SW3

"Mattie was excellent and very attentive to our son and we would love to have her again!"

—  Gawain Smart, W8

Ellie was absolutely brilliant - We were a little nervous that our daughter might not settle with her, but everything went perfectly. Ellie let me know when she had gone to sleep, and then also a little later to let me know she was still sleeping soundly! We were really happy and will definitely be booking again in the near future.

—  Parent TW10

"Rosalind is always punctual, polite and friendly. I feel totally confident leaving her to look after my toddler and am so happy to have found this amazing and much needed service. I highly recommend!"

—  Parent, SW1V

"Anna was delightful. We were most pleased in finding our daughter sleeping soundly when we got home – total success!"

—  Parent - W10

"Rosalind babysat on the weekend and she was wonderful! She asked such intelligent questions before we left, played wonderfully with our son, sent us an update to let us know he was sleeping, and was just so sweet and kind overall."

—  Parent - W2

"Tina looked after our 20 month old daughter this morning, and I really couldn't fault her. She was very friendly and communicative, and our daughter seemed to really take to her. Thanks for all your help."

—  Parent, SE11

"Rachel was just lovely, and a joy to spend the day with! I am actually really pleased that I got to spend the day with her as it became clear that she is a really sweet and lovely girl who I would trust to babysit my son so my husband and I can finally have date nights again! He's just turned two and I have never trusted him with a babysitter before so that is massive progress to find someone!"

—  Mother - SW1H

"Wanted to congratulate you on how easy the booking process is and will be using again in the future. Liked that the job went out and then you heard back and could choose your sitter rather than having you just blindly accept the booking and then try and find a babysitter. It was great that it was all online and didn't have layers of email and phone calls. Thanks"

—  Mother - SW20

"Zoe was absolutely wonderful! We left her with a screaming little boy (upset that he had to stay home while we went out), and she calmed him down right away and put him to bed. He loved her!"

—  Parent - W8

"Just to say that yesterday worked out perfectly with Olivia. She was very sensible with my son and he absolutely loved her."

—  Mother - SW10

You really offer a wonderful service! The online booking and payment system makes the process easy and efficient. I will definitely be booking with you again!

—  Parent SW7

"I just wanted to thank you so much for sorting out Sorcha last week, she was beyond brilliant and make me feel extremely at ease. Once again you do have a brilliant company and I can't tell you how good that is when you're new to this world!"

—  Parent - SW8

"Your service is just amazing and Lucy, of course, was wonderful, I wish we had something similar, with the quality and ease of use like BOKAC in South Africa. It all worked so well, and contributed to our wonderful stay in London. We could relax at the rugby, knowing our son was in good hands. Lucy was so professional yet so personal with our dear son. We didn't have much time to do a thorough hand over, but Lucy took him in her stride and using her words, they were "firm friends" in no time. She kept us in the loop the whole afternoon and it all went so well.The whole experience was such a pleasure, thank you so much Lucy and Anna."

—  Family visiting from South Africa

"I wanted to send a message to say that I have really been finding your service amazing. Every sitter I have met so far has been brilliant and really made me feel at ease. There’s not one I prefer over the other. They all deserve so much credit."

—  Parent - SW3

Just to let you know - your company has revolutionised our lives. We went out three times last week. It's like London before we had children!

—  Parent SW7

"Jess has been absolutely wonderful. We look forward to seeing her each time that she comes and our little boy often talks about her and the games they play and the silly songs she has taught him."

—  Parent - W2

"Lucy is absolutely brilliant. She immediately took an interest in our son's stories, asking the right questions and within minutes of her coming to our house, he was was so excited and happy, all he could do was stutter. We visited the playground the next day and our son was pointing out all the things she did with them - like searching for daddy long legs. He has never really mentioned a babysitter before we were very happy. Lucy really made him feel important and interesting."

—  Parent - W8

"I meant to write to you last week to tell you what an excellent service you've put together. Really great experience so far."

—  Parent - W9

"We used Babysitters Of for the firs time last night and we had a very kind and amazing babysitter named Bouchra. She spent time with our son and put him to sleep, she was very kind to update us during the evening and we really appreciated that. I hope to see Bouchra again because my son today was happy and a good night. Thanks Bouchra for all your help with our son, it was a pleasure having you here."

—  Parent, SW6

"Kate was lovely and stepped in straight away to help out with my daughter. She managed through a difficult time (first prolonged period without me and weaning to only bottle feeds). We will definitely look to use BOKAC again when the time arises."

—  Mother - SW1V